AVP Capital

Investment Management Group

AVP Capital

AVP Capital is a United States based investment management group. Assets are managed via a broad mandate to trade in a variety of global markets and instruments.

Our Approach And Team

We believe our people are the key to our success. We employ intellectually gifted, personable, motivated, and highly skilled professionals in all areas of our business. By encouraging and rewarding teamwork, we are able to deliver differentiated products and results.

Our team is comprised of experts with backgrounds in corporate restructurings and credit, investment banking, law, structured finance and specific industry sectors.

The combination of these skills allows us to analyze events and understand the risks and returns involved in a transaction. As a result of our collaborative partnership structure, we have benefited from low turnover of senior professionals.

Clients Access



Access help: 1-800-439-9849


The flexibility of having long and short event exposure across the capital structure enables us to attempt to optimize performance across market cycles.


AVP Capital's unique results are a product of its unique transparent structure. Truth and purity are valued above everything at all times.


In addition to its investment management, AVP Capital partners managing real estate private equity which focus on various types of distressed real estate recovery opportunities.